Restricted Access ?

There is a meeting of the UN happening right now in Dubai (why there I do not know) where there is a push for full global government control of the internet. If this is approved, not only could people find their access is restricted and monitored, but in turn this could also slow things down for the average user, quite considerably.

The internet has grown massively over the last 20 years, much of it through the use of the general public and open source software (did you know that the vast majority of internet servers operate on Linux, an open source operating system?). However, governments from the likes of China, Russia and the UEA are trying to reign in the unweildly beast that is the internet and bring it under government control. This has the potential to create a loss of privacy on a massive scale and increased censorship. While I appreciate that there are certain things which appear online which should not be allowed, I do not believe that a global censorship campaign is the right way to go about it.

At present the ITR (International Telecommunications Regulations) are the rules which govern internet use and are essentially open and promote the free sharing of information, however the meeting of the ITU (the body which make the rules, is being pushed hard from certain countries to tighten up and give governments more control.

This story is being covered in detail by various media, the global blogging community of course, have plenty to say about it, as do the national and international press.

The outcome should be apparent very soon, although the outcome remains to be seen, as does the length of time it will take to implement any changes.